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The company has created an online platform that allows to automatically create and distribute personalized fan videos. The goal of VidiSport is to increase fan engagement by providing fans with a new way to connect with their favorite teams, athletes, or leagues.

VidiSport aims to increase fan engagement and create new revenues with its automated system that can distribute personalized fan videos at low cost and ease.

Make Personalized & Engage Your Fan

Creating a personalized experience is actually creating a memorable experience for fans. It has a direct effect on enhancing fan loyalty, increasing social media interaction, and attracting more fans

About Us

At Vidisport, we believe that sports are a way of life, and everyone can be a sports fan.

And we think that most fans would love to have their own personalized video, which is why we started Vidisport. We’re a company that helps fans get personalized videos from their favorite clubs and athletes. Our mission is simple: We want to help sports clubs, organizations, and athletes get more fans engaged and generating new revenues through personalized videos that are automatically generated for them.

We started Vidisport because we saw the need for increased sports entertainment: fans want to feel closer to their teams and players, but there are so many barriers between them. We want to break down these barriers and make it possible for fans everywhere to get closer to their teams—and feel like they’re part of something big.

We’re proud of what we’ve done so far, but we’re just getting started!


Increase Fan Engagement

VidiSport is the perfect solution for sports organizations and events to increase fan engagement activities at a low cost.

Improve Fan Experince

A personalized experience can boost fan loyalty and draw in more clients by creating a memorable experience for customers.

Increase Sponsor Visibility

Sponsors want to be more visible. VidiSport provides them more visibility by including them in personalized fan videos.

Generate New Revenue

Clubs and sports organizations need new incomes. VidiSport offers them a new and innovative way to generate new revenue.

Client Stores

We help to quickly coordinate e-business applications through revolutionary catalysts.

How it Work?

VidiSport prepares fan videos that parties can easily customize. Fans can change photos, text, and videos from specified video templates with their own photos and text. 

Choose a template

Add your information

Make your payment

Get your video delivered

Sample Fan Cards

A personalized experience can boost fan loyalty and draw in more clients by creating a memorable experience for customers.

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